PhD-ing, or how to sing "I will survive" making it sound believable...

11 Jul 2012

Summer "break"

Summer is here already and I am planning on having some reading done, in order to be ready in September to start my research. Is 11th July and I have a month and a half ahead to read 4 books and more than 10 papers. And when I say "read" I don't mean sliding my eyes over the written words while thinking of how nice it would be to go swimming in the sea... I really mean reading. Good thing is that I don't really have much more to do this summer: no money means no trips, thus, home and alone: reading will be.

If I don't publish in here for a while, be sure I'm focused on my readings. Enjoy summer, those who can!

1 Jul 2012

Project defense

Well oh well... Here I am again, about to defense my project in front of a committee that has to decided whether it is accepted as it is and I can go on, it is accepted but it needs some amendments, or it is completely nonsense and I'd rather be selling olives in a market... Whatever their veredict, my part is done. The power point is finished, the talk has been rehearsed: bring them in, I'm ready!

However, I cannot stop that tinny voice inside of me telling me that I'm missing something, and that in the end it all will turn up wrong... Have you ever had that feeling too?