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7 Jun 2012

Back on track

Aaaaand... there I go! Now that my research plan is written and being read by my supervisors (before I hand it in to the tribunal that has to accept it and give me green light to actually start my research) I can say it out loud: I'm back on track! I must admit it took me a while to find myself at home at the office, to feel like waking up in the morning to come to work, to actually find a reason for my existance! But philosophical issues aside, I think I must have overcome a sort of phase (grieving phase, if you like) in which I got to realise that my life status was about to change... A long-term relationship with my thesis is waiting for me, and I am scared as hell... Have you had a similar feeling?


Eutrapèlia said...

I'm afraid to say that this feeling grows everyday, at least in my case, I'm really scared, I'm in my 3rd year and everybody asks me when I'll finish my thesis, even my supervisor, can you imagine how it feels? BUT EVERY DAY IS BETTER TOO AND YOU FEEL MORE CONFORTABLE. My first year I didn't anything about this world (the academic one), I didn't know how to do certain things in the office and I needed some time to figure it out. So don't worry.
I start following a blog about a girl who is studyng Medicine. She talks about her studies, about her practices... and there a lot of blogs about this topic. Then I thought: why I don't know any blog like this but about a PhD student? (Of course I read Cecil's comics...). But a blog. A blog about a PhD student in Languages or in Humanities... Of course there is one: yours.

I think next time I'm going to write it in Catalan. I hope you'll understand. I'm kind og busy (because of my thesis, of course, ehem).

Eutrapèlia said...

* I didn't know anything about
*I've just started following
*there are a lot of blogd
*kind of busy

llenguaddicta said...

It is nice to know I'm not alone in this experience. However, when I look at my 2 colleagues who have just finished their PhDs, I can't avoid feeling I'm just at the beginning of a loooooooong road... A road that kinda scares me.


Nina Bourg said...

I think having your paper read by your supervisors was a good idea. That way, they can spot mistake early on and can give input on how to improve it. They can really be your greatest thesis help on the journey. Anyway, how are you now? Did you already successfully defended your thesis paper?